The client is our #1 focus, and we make our entire team accessible to them to ensure they are confident in the campaign and deliverables. Each client team consists of the following individuals.

Account Executive:
This individual is involved in planning, strategy, and the client relationship. They are present in all meetings and the majority of phone conferences to ensure a constant stream of communication is maintained.

Project Manager:
This individual ensures all aspects of the contract are on task, on time, and meeting goals. They communicate with the account teams and client regarding the execution of approved strategies. By the end of the contract, you will know this individual better than your own employees.

Digital Specialist:
The individuals who make the magic happen. This group of experts are working within the platforms on a daily basis to set up the campaigns, analyze the data, test, optimize, and report back to the Project Manager on key insights and findings.

Once awarded the contract, your team will be assigned and introduced to the staff members that will be working on your account. These individuals are supported and backed by our full team for collaboration, idea sharing, and back-up as needed.

Built on a foundation of being the “Agencies Agency”, our workflow, communication style, and deliverables are all centered around engaging with full service ad agencies. We work to engage with agencies of record on a daily basis with a spirit of collaboration and success.