63% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge.


Only 61% of marketers believe their marketing strategy is effective.


You deserve a marketing team that will get you results.

Even more important, is working alongside people who care about your goals and success.

Your approach to obtaining all these things are likely different than someone else’s, even your competitors. As it should be. More than the convenience of tapping the shoulder of your marketing team for an impromptu meeting, have you considered what an in-house team versus partnering with a digital agency might mean for your business?

Ponder these reasons to partner with a digital advertising agency…

1. Never Miss a New Trend

In-house marketers are buried in day-to-day tasks. They don’t have time to read up on all the latest trends and industry knowledge.  KeyMedia Solutions takes education and expertise very seriously. We're so committed to staying on the cutting edge of digital advertising that each staff member completes more than 100 hours of education each year!

2. Get the most bang for your buck.

Hiring a marketing agency is less expensive than the cost of one full-time marketing executive. Except cheaper ad and software costs by partnering with an agency that can leverage their media suppliers to push your dollars further. When you hire a good marketing agency, your dollars are directly translated into a wide range of strategic, tactical and technological skills. Now that's a good buy.

3. Don't get stuck in a rut.

Most marketers have a specific set of skills. You can easily get stuck with one marketing channel because of the small sample size of skills in-house. Reputable agencies hire people with diverse online marketing skill sets to provide clients with a unique, holistic approach to advertising. Now you can launch multidisciplinary campaigns with just a quick call.

4. Saying Good-bye Hurts.

Single digit unemployment rates make keeping good staff hard. Many junior-to-mid-level in-house members change jobs every 2-3 years! If an in-house marketer quits, your marketing suffers. Turnover at agencies isn’t nearly this frequent. Plus, with multiple agency members up to speed on your account, your digital marketing won’t suffer if someone leaves.

5. Get Bigger, Faster.

Digital agencies are the only place you can go to with a simple call to increase the output of your marketing without added long-term costs or headaches. With a strictly in-house team, the only way to increase the output of your marketing is to hire more members. In the long-term, costs associated with attrition, staffing, industry and company knowledge can be expensive.