Today, more than 72% of Americans get their news from a mobile device.

More money has been spent on Online Ads in recent political campaigns then ever before in history. Today, a person’s consumption of political issues is largely influenced by their online experience. Whether it’s on social media, news notifications on their mobile device, or political reporters they follow, what happens online has a real-world impact.

The importance of reaching voters has not changed. What has changed is the way candidates open the lines of communication. Utilizing online marketing tools can create a modern political campaign that extends the reach of your platform, while targeting “on-the-fence” voters with your message.

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Developed exclusively for staying in front of voters, our digital media products provide you targeted access to some of the top websites and social media networks that voters are using to stay informed about local polling places, issues, and candidates.

Your ads could run on top rated sites such as Facebook, local news outlets, FoxNews.com, and CNN.com as well as major online news outlets such as Yahoo News. All for a fraction of the cost of buying these ad spaces direct from the publisher.

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