Programmatic Advertising


What Is It?

Programmatic Advertising technology allows businesses to reach their audiences like never before.

Unlike traditional advertising, where audiences are put together using demographics based on people who watch a certain TV show or read a specific magazine, Programmatic Advertising takes another step forward and is able to target audiences by extremely specific criteria (browsing history, age, gender, income, likes/dislikes, career, etc.).

This is beneficial for businesses in a couple different ways. First, Programmatic Advertising puts ads in front of customers that are most likely to engage with their specific ads. This guarantees that when your ideal customer goes online, they will see your ads without having to search for your business.

Second, Programmatic technology gains access to almost 99% of all online ad inventory. In comparison, Google has access to approximately 30% of sites available to place ads, so, with Programmatic Advertising, we are able to use not only Google but other platforms to make sure your ads are viewable on any site.

How Does It Work?

Programmatic Advertising works by collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data. Every time someone goes online, applies for a loan, or signs up for a newsletter they create a data history specific to him or her. This data is then collected by Data Management Providers (DMPs) like Experian, MasterCard, Forbes, and much more.

Businesses that operate Programmatic technology are able to access the data collected by these DMPs and use it to create extremely specific audience criteria. Customers that meet these criteria will see your business’ advertisements no matter which website they visit.

How Can You Use It?

KeyMedia Solutions operates Programmatic Advertising in a way that makes it available for any business of any size. Often, other advertising agencies either lack the capabilities and expertise to operate Programmatic technology or, if they can operate the technology, the agency will require businesses to pay off hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to use Programmatic Advertising.

At KeyMedia Solutions we not only have the expertise and tools to operate Programmatic Advertising, but we require low monthly minimums. While most companies that offer Programmatic have a $10,000 or more minimum spend requirement, our minimum is $2,500. This means that we are able to give any business the opportunity to advertise using the same technology as corporations like Nike and Coca-Cola.