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2024 is anticipated to be the most financially demanding political cycle yet, posing major challenges for advertisers. The ad tech space has made it particularly challenging for political advertisers to navigate, exacerbated by sudden policy changes from major players.

How Do We Solve This Challenge?

Our approach stands out by being immune to policy constraints, distinguishing it from giants like Google and Meta. As we gear up for the election season, we don’t just adapt – we innovate. We continuously refine our tactics, incorporating the latest congressional maps, enhancing sentiment-specific audience segments and implementing advanced tracking mechanisms. Our capabilities span the spectrum, from reaching the right audience through interests, demographics, related content, and lookalike audiences to executing powerful retargeting strategies.

Our advanced technology offers precise audience targeting and access to nearly 99% of all online ad inventory. Whether it’s a display ad, video ad, audio ad, or commercial, your message will effectively reach the most relevant and influential voters.

Target Voters by Political Party

Target Voters by Age, Gender, Race, Household

Target Voters by Interests or Beliefs

Target Voters with Contextually Relevant Topics

Target Voters with a Diverse Message Mix

Target Voters on Streaming TV Devices

Political Advertising with Connected TV

Traditionally, over 50% of political ad spend goes towards Broadcast/Linear TV. However, recent data reveals a 3% decline in traditional TV viewership since 2020, prompting the need for a strategic shift in advertising approaches.

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