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Getting to a Budget

For a lot of companies, developing a marketing and advertising budget is a long and lengthy debate. A lot of marketing teams feel they never have enough budget to reach their objectives.


How Much Should You Spend?


There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Why? Because companies aren’t consistent with what they include in their overall marketing budget.

Some contain a variety of expenses, including sales and operating costs. While others only allocate what they will spend on promoting their products and services through advertising mediums.

How do you determine what percentage of your overall budget should be allocated to marketing efforts? That’s the question we want to help you answer.

How We Solve This Challenge

While there is no magic number for each company when it comes to setting a marketing budget, our Digital Marketing budget Calculator can help you get a clearer idea of where your digital marketing budget needs to be in order to have a chance at making an impact.


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