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Website Headings and How to Use Them

3/12/2020 - Let’s start with the basics of website headings. Header tags are HTML elements used to designate headings on a webpage. The main header tag, called an H1, is typically reserved for the title of the page. There are also sub-headings that go from H2 to H6 tags, although using all of these on a page […]

You need SEO. Here’s Why.

10/25/2018 - Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard the acronym “SEO” or the term “Search Engine Optimization.” What is SEO and why do you need it if you have a website? Great question. Read on. What Is SEO? According to Moz, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity […]

Humanizing Automation

12/7/2017 - It seems that more and more of our interactions are with automations and algorithms. Everything from your car manufacture and food production to your Facebook feed and content consumption. And, as marketers, we interact with these technologies on a daily basis while strategizing and optimizing online marketing campaigns. So, how do we work within this […]

Mobile Search Killed the Desktop Star

10/26/2017 - Whether or not you understand the elaborate ins and outs of digital media, it isn’t hard to comprehend the impact mobile smartphones have made on our daily lives. Our mobile devices have become more than just an every-day care item. Today, they represent our connection to society around us. This connection hasn’t just changed how […]

Three Recommendations for Producing Content

9/7/2017 - No matter the industry you’re in, I’m sure you’ve heard everyone say how important producing content is to your marketing strategy. Today people want to watch videos, so we make videos. People want insider information about a certain industry, so we write whitepapers and case studies. The importance of useful content has never been higher. […]

Is Your SEO Company Taking Advantage Of You?

4/20/2017 - *This post originally appeared on Forbes. To read the original, visit I’m sure at some point you’ve received the phone call or email from an unknown contact with some variation of this statement: “We’ve reviewed your website and you do not show up on the first page on Google for your keywords. Call me today […]

SEO Lawn Care Tips

10/11/2016 - When I think of my lawn I imagine lush green grass with the kids and family dog frolicking playfully in the back yard. It also conjures up images of bare spots, a field of dandelions, and just an overgrown mess. Everyone who’s a homeowner knows what I mean when I say that I have a […]

Mobile Friendly Websites for Google’s Mobile SEO Changes

4/10/2015 - Whether it’s on your desktop or mobile device, monitoring your company’s digital presence has never been more important. However, the growing accessibility to digital media through mobile devices is causing many businesses to focus more attention to the user-friendliness of their mobile websites. Google is increasing the pressure by announcing mobile SEO changes. These changes […]

Your SEO Checklist

11/3/2014 - You have a new website. It’s beautiful, it’s interactive, it’s your baby. You want to show it off, to tell your story. I don’t blame you. I want you to do the same, but what’s next? How do you make sure shoppers are finding your website? They need to know how beautiful your new site […]

How Social Media Affects Local SEO

9/29/2014 - Everyone uses social media and for good reason. It allows us to connect with people, businesses, and causes in a way we have never been able to before. It opens opportunities to experience new information, new ways of life, and to provide new exposure. Harnessing this new form of communication can provide exponential growth professionally […]