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Third-party data, the buying and selling of customer information, is like the Wild West of marketing. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry built around collecting and selling information about you and me. In recent years, new regulation around gathering, storing and selling of our information has put more urgency on individual companies to collect and utilize their own (first-party) customer data to make smarter business decisions.

While data provides the opportunity to deliver personalized messages, it also comes with concerns about privacy and security. How much does a company really know about me and how are they protecting that information?

Well, we asked just those questions from hundreds of professionals to learn how data collection, storage, and use is impacting industries across the country.

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Speaking of first-party data, if you want to explore the raw numbers from our research, we have you covered. You can look at all the different segments, compare and contrast the findings, and look for insights specifically for your organization.

Marketing data in its raw form can be daunting. If you possess the expertise to decipher, dissect, and analyze the data we’ve supplied, you’re in control. However, if you’re short on time, energy, or the necessary know-how, we’re here to bridge the gap. Reach out for a consultation and discover how this could revolutionize your business.

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Sit down with our CEO, Korena Keys and Susan Baier, CEO of Audience Audit as they talk about what our findings mean, how it impacts organizations, and dive into how professionals are gathering and using customer data.

The importance of collecting your own customer information has never been greater. KeyMedia Solutions set out to better understand how business owners were collecting this data, but most of all what their thoughts were on the value and application of it. Watch as we share those results, along with a few practical tips on how you can collect, analyze, and activate your organization’s data to win the competitive war.

Watch the Research Presentation