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Humanizing Automation

12/7/2017 - It seems that more and more of our interactions are with automations and algorithms. Everything from your car manufacture and food production to your Facebook feed and content consumption. And, as marketers, we interact with these technologies on a daily basis while strategizing and optimizing online marketing campaigns. So, how do we work within this […]

Mobile Search Killed the Desktop Star

10/26/2017 - Whether or not you understand the elaborate ins and outs of digital media, it isn’t hard to comprehend the impact mobile smartphones have made on our daily lives. Our mobile devices have become more than just an every-day care item. Today, they represent our connection to society around us. This connection hasn’t just changed how […]

SERP Marketing Updates

7/25/2017 - Digital Marketing is a fast-pace, ever-changing industry. And if you don’t keep up with the always changing features you can find yourself very behind or even worse find your marketing efforts irrelevant. We don’t have the time or budgets to afford to be irrelevant. But we also don’t have the time we desire to always […]

Voice Search – The Next Horizon

2/21/2017 - We’re two months into 2017 and there’s no better time than now to look at what the future holds for digital marketers. One of the new areas that we’re researching is how voice search will affect the way we traditionally find information on SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages. What is Voice Search? Voice search […]

New in AdWords: Demographic Targeting for SEM Campaigns

10/27/2016 - On October 26, Google rolled out new updates to their targeting for search campaigns. This is big news for businesses and how they target their customers. These changes could mean a lot as organizations continue to try and find new ways to speak directly to their ideal audience. Although Google allows advertisers great control over […]

SEO Lawn Care Tips

10/11/2016 - When I think of my lawn I imagine lush green grass with the kids and family dog frolicking playfully in the back yard. It also conjures up images of bare spots, a field of dandelions, and just an overgrown mess. Everyone who’s a homeowner knows what I mean when I say that I have a […]

Ad Extensions: The Missing Link

9/8/2016 - Managing an SEM campaign can be a headache if you aren’t familiar with the things you should be doing to help your potential customers get to the checkout line faster. That’s why in today’s blog, I’m going to outline one tactic and it’s many features that you can implement today to help your campaign. Ad […]

3 Ways the Internet of Things Will Affect Online Marketing

8/30/2016 -   Have you ever visited the grocery store and forgot how many eggs you had sitting in the refrigerator at home? With the EggMinder, you’ll never have to worry again! The EggMinder is a smart egg tray that lets you know how many eggs you have left in the fridge through its built-in WiFi connectivity […]

Google’s Expanded Text Ads – Is More Better?

8/2/2016 - It’s Time to Test Some PPC Ad Copy and Find Out. Expanded Text Ads are finally here. This is the first major change that Google has made to standard text ads in over a decade. So, while it may not seem that exciting to some, it is a pretty major change. What are Expanded Text […]

Going Off the Grid with Technology: A Love Story

5/5/2016 -   The wind is blowing, moving hair freely back and forth; the smell of wild flowers giving vivid memories of trips past; the sound of water slowly moving down the hillside is pee inducing. I’m at my computer, daydreaming and trip planning. In 2016, before I can get off the grid I need to plug […]