For a lot of businesses, PPC ads are a great way to increase brand awareness, increase website visitors, and ultimately, increase conversions. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind in order to succeed at PPC.

1. Make use of custom intent audiences

Google Ads has updated and upgraded the Audience Keywords to what they call Custom Intent Audiences. This can help you see your reach using your Display or Video campaigns so you can optimize your ads accordingly. It can prove to be beneficial especially if you’re in the dark about your market reach. Using this feature of Google Ads can see custom audiences based on their demographics and relevance to your target.

Build a keyword list to target, this way you will see how your ad performs in terms of user query. You can see data based on “what people are actively researching or planning”. This way, you can segment your ads per intent so you can experiment around ads targeting those in custom markets or those that will be useful for them based on the demographic data that your ad has returned.

2. Adjust ad schedule

Partnering with Google for ads can be tricky since your bid or your copy cannot be the means to an end. There are a lot of factors in order to receive the clicks and impressions that you are gunning for. Check and see if your ad schedule is up to par for the audience that you are targeting. There are certain days and time slots when you have to give your ads a rest. Optimizing your ad schedule will also ensure that you only get quality leads because you are aligning your schedule with their buying habits.

3. Take advantage of search terms

Search terms can help you get to the pulse of users quickly. Aside from building your keyword list, you should also take a look at the search terms that are relevant to your ads. This is a nifty tool in the Google Ads dashboard that can help you make the most out of your search ads.

This is a simple tip, but it can help you go a long way with your ads.

4. Research on long-tail and semantic keywords

Make use of long-tail keywords for your ads if your current keyword list is not converting. Semantic keywords can help improve the reach of your keywords, especially if your specific keyword list is composed of low volume keywords. Long-tail has proven to cater to high conversion goals, so this is also an area that you should look into. Take advantage of search queries that are relevant to your goal and always make sure that you have created a list for the negative keywords.

Being visible online can go a long way for your business. Setting up ads and waiting for it to achieve results will only waste your time. Make smart and informed choices when setting up your ads and you will be rewarded with high-quality leads. PPC Marketing is a great tool for businesses, especially those who would want to be further empowered to reach their goals.