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What on Earth is Geofencing?

Geofencing enables businesses to directly send alerts or notifications to customers within a precise, hyper-local area. By using Global Positioning System (GPS), advertisers create virtual boundaries, or fences, that surround specified locations. Once customers enter the parameters of this targeted area, a Real-Time Bidding process occurs and the top display ad is served directly to the apps on your target audience’s device.

Why use it?

Reaching consumers who are in the awareness or decision stage with a strong Call to Action (CTA) can be effective in itself, but when these messages are received near the precise location for that action, conversion happens. For example, customers located near a brick & mortar location may pass by the doors, but a strong CTA, such as a promotional email, is likely to peak interest and aid in the conversion of your product or service.

This can be an enhancing component to advertising strategies, as there are many benefits to the precise targeting that Geofencing offers. In fact, many businesses have experienced Click-Through Rates (CTR) on Geofencing campaigns that are as much as 70% higher than standard ads. Typically, we see a 0.50% CTR on Geofence campaigns, compared to a 0.07-0.09% for other display tactics.

Reach Your Target Audience When and Where it Matters

Geofencing can enable your business to pin-point geographically proximate audiences and deliver notifications directly to their devices.


How We Solve This Challenge

In today’s digital world, customers travel everywhere with their smart devices, hyper-connected to the world around them. At Key Media Solutions, we want to help you navigate this network of connectivity and reach new target audiences like never before. We are dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your advertising efforts.

We believe that every business should be able to reach out and find new customers without spending a fortune on tactics that won’t meet their company’s needs. Our expert staff will review your goals and objectives to determine the best strategy for your business.


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