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What is the Online Sales Funnel?

4/14/2016 - No matter the industry, every business has their own version of a sales funnel or they have a process in place to generate more business. A sales funnel is an organized structure that refers to the buying process of new customers. It involves multiple touch points with various mediums such as sales reps, word of […]

ICON 2016: Generate More Leads

3/8/2016 -     “A quality team is essential. Organizations grow at the speed of trust!” – Dave Ramsey, at ICON 2016 The above quote is just one of Dave Ramsey’s “5 Essential Qualities of a Leader,” and as he continued to rattle off even more quotable nuggets during his keynote presentation, I sat in the audience […]

Wild Goose Chase

8/27/2015 - The landing page on your business’ website is just as important as any advertisement you’re planning to run. Businesses and marketers spend so much time creating advertisements to get people through to their website that if the landing page isn’t up to par then all that hard work was a just waste of time. An […]