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Our Top Five KMS 10at10 Episodes

11/7/2017 - What started out as a test when Facebook announced that it was rolling out livestream capabilities for the general public, KMS 10at10 turned into a weekly staple in our office. Part of what we do at KeyMedia Solutions is research new online technologies. When platforms like Periscope & Meerkat began offering livestreaming options to users, […]

What are Facebook Secret Videos?

8/31/2017 - When I first heard about Facebook’s “Secret Videos” my eyes widened and my mind wondered. I imagined a hidden playlist of videos buried somewhere deep in a part of Facebook long forgotten by civilization. “They could be anything,” I thought to myself – they could be leaked videos of Mark Zuckerberg creating the social platform […]

The Importance of Creating New Content

3/9/2017 - I’ve said it a lot in many of my other blog posts – content is a broad word that can be created in a lot of different ways. This fact can lead to frustrations for people trying to produce quality content for their audience. As a Content Specialist, it’s my job to not only create […]

Our Top Commercial Picks from the Big Game

2/7/2017 - Now that Sunday’s Big Game is over, people around the world are getting back to work after calling in “sick” on Monday. Patriot fans rejoice while Falcon fans begin the first stage of the healing process (just let it all out). Office chatter for the next few days will consist of reviews of the game’s […]

Creative Direction

1/31/2017 - Before a campaign starts, we want to make sure that everyone has a good sense of the access, assets, media, and creative that may be needed for your campaign. Here’s a general overview of the types of ads that may be needed depending on your goals and objectives. Our marketing strategy is focused on aligning […]

Is Marketing with Emojis right for you?

12/8/2016 - Over 3,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians used pictures and symbols called hieroglyphics to tell their stories. Thousands of years later in the world today we continue to use a similar idea to communicate to each other. Emojis have become modern day hieroglyphics in the way we use them in messages and social media. As […]

Google Doodles Contest Open to K-12 Students

9/22/2016 -   Do you know a young artist? If so, Google may have the perfect opportunity for the next budding Picasso. The world’s largest search engine has opened their 4th Google Doodle contest for students in grades K-12 for this year. This year’s theme is “What I see for the future.” Students are asked to create […]

3 Ways Good Creative Gets Results

3/29/2016 - The true beauty of any marketing effort executed on the World Wide Web is the ability to measure the results. Truly, you will know if it was a success or if the campaign failed; there are no secrets. However, I often times hear of companies blaming the medium (banner ads, search portals, social networks) for […]