I’ve said it a lot in many of my other blog posts – content is a broad word that can be created in a lot of different ways. This fact can lead to frustrations for people trying to produce quality content for their audience. As a Content Specialist, it’s my job to not only create new content, but also try and figure out what style of content will best work for a client.

For my blog today, I wanted to talk about something that I think can help anyone who’s struggling with creating new content. It’s a simple lesson, but the first step in reaching out to your audience and attracting new leads.

Try New Types of Content

The Lesson: Try new styles of content when you have the chance. Be open to the possibility that what you’ve been doing might not be the best way to reach your audience. Have you been creating blogs for a while? Then try making a video. Would you customers enjoy reading case studies? Maybe an infographic could be a fun and interactive way to explain information about your brand.

Because I believe in this lesson so much, I decided to take my own advice. I recently learned about a website called PowToon that lets people created animated videos. The name alone was enough for me to look into it, and once I visited the website I laughed as I thought about creating a video of my own. So in the spirit of creating new content and taking a small step out of my comfort zone, I began creating an animated video about Content Marketing. You can watch my finished produced below.


The Power of Trying New Things

I believe that there are a lot of lessons that can be learned just by opening yourself up to new experiences. I’m lucky enough to work for an organization that promotes testing, training, and new ideas. This short animated video may have been a funny experiment, but just by giving it a shot, I’ve opened our business up to the possibility of doing more of these videos.

If you’re focused on growing your business or creating awareness through the creation of engaging content, start to familiarize yourself with the feeling of being uncomfortable. If you’re not creating a blog because you don’t like writing or if you don’t make videos because you don’t think you look good in front of the camera, I encourage you try.

Trying something new and feeling uncomfortable often go hand-in-hand, but the benefits almost always speak for themselves. Lessons are learned through both success and failure, but you’ll never find out what those lessons are without trying something new.