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What is Connected TV?

Connected TV (CTV) refers to the streaming of content through applications on smart TVs or over-the-top (OTT) devices, featuring 15, 30, or 60-second commercial-style videos. Platforms such as Sling TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire-TV, Hulu and others fall under the umbrella of Connected TV. This digital marketing medium allows you to reach your target audience while they stream their favorite shows and movies.

Why Connected TV?

Whether you’re a small business or a corporate giant, harnessing the power of television advertising is within reach. With linear TV viewership consistently on the decline, Connected TV is the gateway to connecting with your target audience through their preferred streaming services. Advanced targeting capabilities pinpoint your audience precisely, enabling a more refined and effective strategy compared to traditional TV reliance on impressions alone. Embrace the ehanced control that Connected TV provides, allowing you to dictate who sees your ads and how frequently, coupled with intelligent tracking capabilities for comprehensive retargeting.

Premium Live Sports Packages

Step up your advertising game with our Connected TV Live Sports packages! Position your brand in front of dedicated sports enthusiasts on premium platforms like ESPN, NBC Sports, Peacock, NFL Network, Golf Channel, Fox, Sling TV, and more. Whether it’s NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, Golf, or beyond, we offer tailored packages to suit your advertising needs.

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CTV is Your Ideal Choice If…

You Aim to Increase Brand Awareness

Your Arsenal Includes High-Quality Video Content

Your Target Demographic is Millennial or Gen X

Your Audience Primarily Engages in Streaming

You Aspire to Align Your Brand with Contextually Relevant Topics

You Seek a Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional TV Advertising

You Are Eager to Diversify and Expand Your Marketing Channel Mix

Elevate your strategy with the dynamic reach and strategic control of Connected TV advertising.

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