Our Team

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The success of our work depends on the people we partner with.

That’s why we’ve intentionally crafted a team of individuals with diverse skill-sets, different perspectives, and varied interests. All of whom share the same passion for working with the best clients to provide the best results possible.

We believe bringing a wide array of skills, ideas, and desires to the table best equips us for solving challenging problems and crafting better solutions. Here’s our team of the best and brightest in the Digital Marketing business.

Korena Keys

Chief Executive Officer

Marsha Anderson

Director of Operations

Luke Majerus

Digital Specialist

Jake Stingley

Business Development

Aaron Blumer

Account Executive

Evan Gentry

Digital Specialist

Joan Hess

Account Manager

Nicole Lamberty

Office Assistant

Jenny Crumrine

Account Manager

Niobe Vint

Digital Media Coordinator