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What Makes A Good Geofence Campaign?

3/1/2018 - A Geofence campaign can maximize your budget when it comes to targeting a specific audience. But this doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone. There are certain guidelines that should be followed when considering Geofencing as an option for your business. What is Geofencing? Geofencing uses GPS to build a virtual boundary area around specific […]

An Inside Look at Geofencing

12/22/2016 - Consumers are constantly on their mobile devices throughout their daily lives. Location-based marketing, such as Geofencing, is an effective way to capture the attention of potential consumers at the perfect time. Whether you are looking to increase sales at your own locations, or bring in consumers from competitor location, Geofencing allows you to reach that […]

New Targeting with Geofencing

1/13/2016 - The targeting capabilities of online marketing make it easy for businesses to focus their advertising budget on people who are more likely convert sales. Search, Contextual, Audience, and Channel Targeting offer today’s businesses the chance to precisely define their ideal customer, but we could soon be adding another, even more precise, targeting option to the […]

Location, Location, Location Targeting

11/10/2015 - It’s not every day that you get to see how your work can impact the way people enjoy their lives, but on a recent trip with some friends, I got a firsthand look at why we all need online advertising. Our trip was to Indianapolis to watch the New York Jets play the Indianapolis Colts. […]