Now hiring a digital marketing account manager.

Account Manager

Account Manager:

We are looking for an experienced and self-driven Digital Account Manager to join our team! As a Digital Account Manager at KeyMedia Solutions, your main duty will be to manage digital marketing campaigns in an efficient manner to help our clients meet their goals. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail are vital in this position. Understanding how digital tools add value to company strategy and performance is a must Ultimately, you should be able to contribute to business growth through the 4 R’s: Respect, Results, Relationships & Reputation. Your role will be extremely important for our team and our customers success, satisfaction and, ultimately, loyalty.

What our Account Manager will be responsible for:
• Execute the strategic direction within our team and contractors
• Cultivate client relationships
• Lead, arrange and attend meetings (internally and externally)
• Coordinate creative needs
• Produce and deliver media briefs packed with data and analysis
• Evaluate campaign ROI with clients and determine next steps
• Ensure all campaigns are on goal, on budget and on time

In addition, you will also be asked to complete administrative account management functions that keep client projects on track and moving through the system, including (but not limited to):
• Manage workflow, tasks and deadlines
• Prepare materials/presentations for existing clients and new business
• Work towards client’s goals in an efficient manner
• Present and possibly train on digital media strategies with clients
• Analyze effectiveness of digital campaigns
• Track KPIs for each client and evaluate as campaign progresses
• Prepare and present reports on campaign progress
• Keep abreast with new trends in digital technology
• Prepare creative briefs and work orders
• Client estimating and billing (yes, math skills are important)
• Research, research, and more research

To learn more or apply, contact Please include your resume detailing your experience in project management, advertising, and digital marketing.