Our Team

The success of our work depends on the people we partner with.  That’s why we’ve intentionally crafted a team of individuals with diverse skill-sets, different perspectives, and varied interests. All of whom share the same passion for working with the best clients to provide the best results possible.

We believe bringing a wide array of skills, ideas, and desires to the table best equips us for solving challenging problems and crafting better solutions. Here’s our team of the best and brightest in the Digital Marketing biz.

Team Members

Korena Keys


Korena Keys, Founder of Key Media Solutions, is best known for developing her own unique approach to digital marketing. This quickly earned her the business and respect of companies across the United States and Canada. In just 6 short years, Korena has successfully taken her digital media firm to the front lines in an over-saturated industry.

In 2016, Korena, one of the first in the country to receive the IAB Digital Media Sales Certification, was invited into the Forbes Agency Council. She has served as the President of the Board for South Dakota Advertising Federation, Chair of the Board for the Community Outreach, held a seat on City Council, and is active in multiple community organizations that are dedicated to helping others.

In addition to her role within KeyMedia Solutions, Korena enjoys helping others find success through public speaking, seminars, and workshops.

Marsha Anderson

Director of Operations

Marsha is a cornerstone of KeyMedia Solutions. With her years of experience, Marsha has been an integral part of growing the company and making sure clients’ needs are met. Marsha has her Fundamentals of Interactive Advertising and Digital Media Certificate, and is active in SME.

In her free time, Marsha is hitting the trails on her dirt bike and spending time with her children at barrel race events. She claims she has NOT jumped her kids on her dirt bike, but we’re not sure we believe her.

Travis Entenman

Account Supervisor

Travis is our Account Supervisor and is responsible for overseeing the Account Management team. In addition to his role as supervisor, Travis oversees client campaigns and their performance. He maintains communication between the client, sales staff, and Ad Operations team in regards to strategic changes and performance of campaigns. Travis is one of the original members of the team and has been helping our clients from the start.

Along with project management, Travis designs, develops, and implements the making of bean burritos for his household. He also holds the second-best beard in the office after Nolan, and enjoys the outdoors and raising a four-legged fur baby, named Ralph, with his fiancé

Jake Stingley

Business Development

At the age of 15, Jake became infatuated with advertising, specifically the ability to influence purchase behavior and public perception by effective marketing. After pursuing a career in the military, continuing his education, and traveling the world, Jake now has 10 years of experience working in a variety of marketing fields.  Additionally, Jake is currently an NCO in the Army National Guard and firmly believes that upfront planning is the key to success for any mission. Jake’s roll with KeyMedia Solutions focuses on business development and strategy implementation to ensure growth within our partnering organizations.

When Jake is done at the office, there’s nothing he enjoys more than spending time with his wife and son. Admittedly, Jake has too many hobbies but finds time for his Harley Davidson and angler kayak. He loves any activity that gets him under the sun but his favorite extracurricular is playing ice hockey.

Miranda Cain

Account Manager

As an Account Manager, Miranda oversees client campaigns and communicates project details to the Ad Operations team. She graduated from the University of Sioux Falls with degrees in Media Studies and Spanish. Miranda believes that when it comes to marketing, how you tell your story matters if you want to stand out from the competition. She holds Google Analytics, Adwords Search, Adwords Video, Adwords Display, and Digital Sales certificates.

When she’s not traveling or enjoying her coffee, she enjoys hunting, fishing, and teaching softball lessons to the next generation of USF softball stars.

Jess Petersen

Digital Media Specialist

As a Digital Media Specialist, Jess applies her knowledge of digital marketing to our clients’ campaigns. She diligently reviews performance in order to make optimizations to get the best results. Jess has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing with an emphasis in Digital Advertising. Jess is also Google AdWords and Analytics certified and is always reading marketing news on platform and tactic updates and trends.

Along with maintaining great results for her campaigns, Jess enjoys binge-watching shows on Netflix until her vision blurs. She also enjoys playing video games and hosting backyard BBQ’s.

Tobaria Ruffin

Digital Media Manager

As the Digital Media Manager, Tobaria oversees the Digital Media team in addition to spending time in the various platforms optimizing and making adjustments to campaigns to achieve their best results. He uses his knowledge of digital media to help clients achieve their goals. Tobaria moved from Chicago to South Dakota to attend USD where he graduated with degrees in Media and Journalism. He is certified in Google Adwords and Analytics.

Along with managing and optimizing campaigns, Tobaria enjoys spending time with his family and following his favorite sports teams. Tobaria also takes time in the summer to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of his living room.

Luke Majerus

Digital Media Specialist

As one of our Digital Media Specialists Luke applies his experience in digital marketing to client campaigns. He spends time analyzing performance in order to make strategic optimizations for the best results. His focus is on achieving the digital goals of our clients. Luke has a degree in Advertising and a minor in Marketing. He also holds several Google certifications.

Along with optimizing digital campaigns, Luke enjoys looking up sports scores and going to concerts. He also holds the title of commissioner of our office Fantasy Football league.

Jasmine Thomas

Account Manager

Jasmine is returning home after a decade (or so) away, bringing with her a breadth of experience. Jasmine has traveled the world, is a USAF veteran, a longtime public servant, and analyst by trade. Now, she gets her kicks in the world of digital marketing!

As an Account Manager, Jasmine ensures our clients’ campaigns are on-point and operating at peak performance at all times. Good is not good enough for Jasmine! She holds multiple Google Certifications and is a Certified Digital Sales Representative.

Jasmine spends as much time as possible with her four favorite people – her two nieces and two nephews. In her free time, she enjoys traveling (within the U.S. these days), kayaking, biking, interior design, refinishing furniture, watching any home improvement t.v. show, and finding any opportunity to laugh and have fun.

Evan Gentry

Digital Media Coordinator

As the Digital Media Coordinator, Evan spends his time analyzing and optimizing campaigns across different platforms to help clients achieve their goals. He uses his knowledge of digital marketing to help clients receive the best results.

Evan came to Sioux Falls from Tallahassee, FL to attend the University of Sioux Falls where he graduated with a degree in Media Studies. Evan is Google certified in Search and is currently working on additional Google certifications.

Along with maintaining great results for his campaigns, Evan has a terrible habit of picking things up and putting them down repeatedly. He also enjoys spending time on the water with his family.

Aaron Blumer

Account Manager

With over 10 years of Digital Marketing experience, Aaron has extensive experience working with clients of all shapes and sizes. He takes a data-driven approach to digital marketing to efficiently align client goals with tactics to maximize ROI.

Aaron graduated from the University of Sioux Falls with a Marketing degree, and holds several certifications including SEMRush SEO, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, and multiple Google certifications.

Outside of the office, Aaron enjoys being outside, chasing around his 2 children, and competing in volleyball matches in the area.