KeyNotes: March 2024

SEO Simplified: Navigating the Latest SEO Trends

We’ll start by exploring the evolution of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) over time, then delve into some key tips to enhance your understanding. Additionally, we’ll discuss current search trends and emphasize the importance of regularly updating your SEO strategy to keep up in the fast-paced online world. Furthermore, we’ll examine the impact of emerging technologies such as Voice Search and AI on your strategy. Don’t miss out on gaining clarity about your search performance and staying competitive online!

Thursday, March 21st, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM (CST). Cocktail Hour to follow presentation.

Reserve your spot for attendance either online or in person!

Your registration confirmation will contain a link to join the event online, or you can join us live at the KeyMedia Solutions office and hang around for networking and conversation.

3604 S Westport Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57106

  • Voice Search
  • AI Assistance
  • On page SEO factors
  • Google AdWords
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • SEO Audit
  • How to Improve SEO
  • Content Marketing
Mackenzie Rea, Digital Specialist

Mackenzie Rea

Digital Specialist – KeyMedia Solutions

With a BA in Business Management and a minor in Marketing, Mackenzie specializes in paid ads, organic media, email marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. Currently serving as the Digital Specialist at KeyMedia Solutions, Mackenzie plays a pivotal role in the management of paid advertising campaigns, oversees the email marketing initiatives, actively contributes to the AI Committee, and assists in the strategic planning of company events. Prior to joining KMS, she served as an SEO Strategist and Paid Ads Manager, adeptly addressing the varied requirements of both B2B and B2C enterprises. Furthermore, Mackenzie contributed significantly to the triumphant U.S. rebranding initiative for Dermacol, a leading Czech cosmetics brand. Beyond her professional pursuits, Mackenzie finds enjoyment in cultivating her interests, including gardening, singing, and playing with her dogs.

Hannah Wilson

Analytics & Digital Team Manager

She’s a vital contributor to our successful paid and organic media strategies, using her expertise in marketing data analysis to guide our path towards data-driven excellence.