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Wife Swap 2: The Economy Edition

7/30/2015 - The way people are thinking of brands is changing, and this is causing many people to reconsider their buying decisions – most importantly, who they are going to buy from. It’s not enough to only have a product or service that someone needs, you need to have a purpose, great quality, and above all else, […]

How to Keep Up with Customers

7/29/2015 - Think about a purchase you made 10 years ago. Maybe that’s too long ago to remember. What about a purchase from the past year? Now ask yourself, what resources did you have at your disposal to ensure that your purchase was exactly what you wanted? In the digital world today, we have more resources than […]

Programmatic Advertising for the Automotive Industry

7/23/2015 - Programmatic Advertising is still one of the online industry’s newest technologies and marketers are beginning to notice the success of businesses taking advantage of these new targeting capabilities. However, the majority of businesses wanting to learn more about Programmatic Advertising still don’t fully understand the benefits it can offer. In an effort to explain how […]

The Incredible Marketing Man

7/21/2015 - Earlier this month, San Diego, California hosted a four day event that was attended by over 130,000 visitors. Over the course of four days, the San Diego Convention Center was filled with everything from movie stars to space aliens; of course I’m talking about the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. Looking past all the fans, costumes, […]

Social Media and Cigars

7/16/2015 - Sometimes a Post is Just a Cigar Trying to tell the difference between all the different social networks reminds me of the time I wanted to buy a cigar. My friend just had his first child and I wanted to share with him the old tradition of smoking a cigar to celebrate. Since I didn’t […]

Twitter’s New Targeting

7/14/2015 - “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” – Henry Ford   This quote is phenomenal because it shows that people don’t always realize how their daily life routines can be made easier by thinking differently. Recently, Twitter introduced their new targeting system – persona based audiences. Now, this […]

Magic or Online Marketing

7/10/2015 - Because we live in the rapidly changing digital age, many people struggle to keep up with the evolving technology of our time. People sometimes feel like online marketing is too complicated to understand. The last thing we want is for our customers to feel like they’re watching a magic show; where they spend money and […]

Depersonalization of Social Media

7/7/2015 - I’m sure you’ve witnessed it – you sit down in a nice restaurant and see a group of people huddled around another table with their heads down fully immersed in their phones. Or, imagine a group of students “hanging out.” Each one texting, taking selfies, or checking social media. No conversation. No eye contact. No […]

5 Lessons From A Motorcycle

7/1/2015 - A few years ago, my husband and I bought our first motorcycle. With two grown-up children living independently, and only two more years to the “empty nest,” we had decided we needed something for the two of us. Plus, spending $600 per month less in groceries now that the older kids were no longer on […]