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To use Video or Not to use Video

3/23/2017 - In the past when you thought of video you thought of the family TV with antenna bunny ears and you had three channel choices. Then, along came cable and 1,000 more channels. Today, we have the internet which gives us countless streaming options, YouTube channels, plus just about anything you want to watch. I once […]

Going Gaga! Digital Marketing Lessons from the Queen of Pop

3/16/2017 - On February 5th 2017, millions of people crowded around big screen TVs to watch America’s favorite sport on its biggest night. But football wasn’t the only reason people tuned in to watch Super Bowl LI, millions of other people crowded around the TV to watch their favorite pop star take the big stage with her […]

Nolan receives his Google Analytics Certification

3/14/2017 - At KeyMedia Solutions, we’re very proud of all of our employees. The team loves to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments, and on Monday, March 13th, we got to celebrate Nolan becoming certified in Google Analytics. Nolan, one of our Project Managers, has been working for KeyMedia Solutions for two years. Before he made his way to our […]

The Importance of Creating New Content

3/9/2017 - I’ve said it a lot in many of my other blog posts – content is a broad word that can be created in a lot of different ways. This fact can lead to frustrations for people trying to produce quality content for their audience. As a Content Specialist, it’s my job to not only create […]

YouTube to Kill 30-Second Unskippable Ads

3/7/2017 - You open your phone to watch a YouTube video and right when you press play you’re met with a cartoon lizard talking about car insurance. All you want is to bypass this so you look for the option to “skip” this ad, but no such option appears. Time and time again, people just like yourself […]