Target the right audience.

With our data-driven results, we build custom online advertising campaigns to pinpoint your ideal customer when they need you the most.


Whether you’re a non-profit, political campaign, or run a government program, you need to be in front of the right audience at the right time. We believe that the most effective marketing campaigns are developed on a foundation of research, fact, and historical reporting. Once live, campaigns need to be optimized based on campaign goals, data collected in real time, and feedback from the client by real people with real insights and not just programming bots.

Our platforms provide a level of security not readily available with other ad networks. Every single publisher that is included within the platform has been reviewed and scored based on their content and imagery. As we set up your campaign, we specify the acceptable level of content and placements that align with your guidelines. Likewise, all ad creative must undergo an audit before they will be served on a publisher site. This ensures your ads are not placed on a website or next to other advertisers with questionable content.


Government Codes

DUNS: 07-021-4644

NAISC: 541850, 541830, 541890, 82101603

WOSB: 11687

CMP: 11688

DMSC: 00259


Digital Media Sales Certificate #00259 with the Interactive Advertising Bureau

Laredo Group Certified Professional

Certified Google Partner

National Women-Owned Small Business Corporation Member

SBA Members

BBB Accredited Business

2015 Landy Award Finalist


Our clients include


FMCSA: 2011-2014

Reduce the instances of mover fraud through awareness and distribution of materials.

VA Benefits: 2015-2016

Increase Veteran’s awareness and enrollment in various benefits programs.


SD-Housing Dev. Authority: 2013-2015

Create awareness and enrollment into state programs for first-time homebuyers, Governors house, and SD housing.


IA GOED (Home Base Iowa): 2015

Recruit Veterans to Iowa to fill the numerous employment opportunities available.

SD-DOH: 2013-2015

Encourage adults to “Get Screened” for various types of cancers.

IA – DOH (HIV): 2014-2017

Increase the number of HIV screenings among at risk individuals.

If you’re interested in learning more about our government services and what we can do for you, contact us anytime with your questions. Fill out a contact form on our site or you can reach us with an email or phone call.


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