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Upcoming Trainings

KeyMedia Solutions is proud to be a Google Partner with certifications in Analytics and Advanced Search, Display, Mobile, and Video Advertising. Because of our partner status, we have access to special livestream presentations from Google experts. Our training events are completely free and are meant to give you valuable lessons in Online Advertising that you can walk away with.

KeyMedia Solutions events and webinars contain the essential information that growing businesses need to stay alive in the digital marketing environment. The goal of our trainings is to expose our clients to the evolving environment of digital marketing. Ranging from breakdowns of online advertising strategies to informational segments about updates and tips for current market trends.

Our trainings include:

  • In-depth knowledge on the latest innovations in digital marketing and media strategies.
  • Expert speakers – educated and certified in digital marketing, advertising, and campaign building.
  • Information that will directly translate to business growth and development.

Past Events & Webinars:

Artificial Intelligence: The Next Marketing Frontier

In our last webinar of 2019, you will hear from Korena Keys and Tobaria Ruffin on the importance of AI and how it can help streamline you business.

5 Tricks To Maximize Your Social Media Marketing

We have two of our social media experts breakdown 5 of the biggest platforms currently in the social media space. They provide tangible action items for you to incorporate right away, provide best practices of each of the platforms, and the importance of the messaging within thos eplat forms.

How To Capture Revenue Online

Travelers want (and expect) a customized experience, expert advice, and quick and easy booking. Decision-making is more flexible than ever and across the globe, travelers are seeking more convenient and personal ways of planning their outings.

Why SEO is the Lifeline of Your Website

What is SEO? How can I use it to grow my business? Search Engine Optimization can be complicated and confusing. That is why we are going to help you in our free webinar. We have two of our very own SEO connoisseurs that will help you better understand how SEO impacts your website. They will also help you use SEO to drive quality traffic to your website.

The Secret to Email Marketing Success

If the webinar, we discussed how to make your emails stand out in a crowded inbox. A successful email marketing campaign opens lines of communication between a business and a potential customer. If you'd like to watch the recording of this webinar, click here.