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How Color is Important to Your Marketing

2/27/2015 - We often associate companies with particular colors and images—they serve as distinguishing characteristics, reinforcing unique aspects of a brand. Color is important from a marketing and branding standpoint, William Arruda, a Forbes contributor, emphasizes, and using it effectively can help boost the success of your online marketing solutions. Color is a component of your personal brand […]

Watch Your Tone with Me

2/18/2015 - I recently attended the Trendigital Summit here in Sioux Falls and had the pleasure of sitting in on a great presentation about the Voice and Tone of a person or company’s brand. Sarah Rhea Werner,who was a fabulous speaker by the way, gave the presentation. She said the Voice is the representation of your brand […]

The Road to Becoming AdWords Certified

2/12/2015 - When someone brings up digital advertising, Google usually comes up shortly after. With over a million websites and 300,000 apps on the Google Network, it’s definitely a go-to platform for digital advertising. When I first started my internship here a month ago, the company challenged me to become Google AdWords certified in three months. In […]

The Age of New Communication

2/6/2015 - I’m very proud of my oldest son who, at the age of 15, decided to get a job. He interviewed and proceeded to get the position and is now running the cash register at Taco John’s. Because of my son’s ability to communicate well he works at the cash register rather than doing some of […]

Project Management Tactics

2/5/2015 - Project Managers are people (yes people) who make sure stuff gets done. As described by, a Project Manager’s (PM’s) characteristics can be rounded out to several categories. They can be described in terms of: guidance, adaptability, detail orientation, delegation, vision, creativity, and resourcefulness. A successful PM will possess – to some degree – each of […]