According to Bloomberg, Microsoft earned a much larger gain in multiyear software deals than initial analysts had predicted. Much of this is because many corporations are either renewing or upgrading their software purchases and subscriptions with the tech giant. But, while many executives and managers are staying updated with their programs, a new survey shows that many consumers are not, which is a problem that could be solved through better small business internet marketing by these software companies.

According to a survey by videoconferencing technology company Skype, 40 percent of respondents from the United States, England and Germany say that they don't always update the software on their computers when the company prompts them to.

In addition, nearly a quarter of the respondents in each country say they don't fully understand why they should, which is an issue that can be mitigated through more effective internet marketing campaigns on the importance of installing updates. This has also caused more than half of the respondents to say they need to see an update notification at least two to five times before installing the update.

"Only by regularly upgrading, are consumers able to enjoy the benefits of improved voice and video calling quality, longer mobile battery life and bug fixes, in addition to new features that we regularly add across our product portfolio," said Linda Summers, director of product marketing at Skype.

As shown by Skype's marketing director, software companies can use updates as a means to leverage their targeted internet marketing. By conducting campaigns that promote the updates that may be required to fully enjoy the service, these companies will efficiently inform their audience of product changes but also engage them in what can be very important small business internet marketing campaigns.