About 10 years ago, only a handful of businesses had a web domain. Nowadays, companies that do not have a digital presence are among the few. Customers are becoming more reliant on their mobile devices and web searches to gain information.

However, local online marketing can be equally as, if not more beneficial to business owners who have a website, social media or email marketing presence. Through the use of Big Data, which consists of consumer purchase history, time spent on a website and other online actions, can help companies develop a more targeted marketing approach, according to Forbes.

Retailers are familiar with using inventory counts to determine what products are hot sellers, but online banner advertising can explain much more. Depending on where the banner was posted, these clicks can be applied to Big Data principles to gather a stronger profile on the business' targeted audience.

This is how Globus, a department store with 37 retail stores, including one in Istanbul, Turkey's Great Bazaar market, was able to "create a personalized experience in any shopping environment," SAP Business explained. Some tourists may not know that one of the shops in the Great Bazaar is owned by Globus, but real-time updates allowed associates to approach a wide range of customers.

Based on the answers customers provided, employees would continue following a sales model that worked with previous shoppers who answered in similar ways. This type of data aggregation is one of many ways online advertisers have been able to grab the attention of consumers.

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