It is clear that the potential of online and mobile marketing will grow in the coming years, but measuring the value of banner and video advertisements can be overwhelming at first, due to the fact that there are more than 50 ways to calculate a business' reach, according to the Huffington Post. Shifting marketing to the internet requires agencies to learn a new collection of skills. Does this mean that marketing agencies will have to hire an information technology department?

"Digital is part technology, part content strategy, part marketing art – and science," Perry Hewitt, Chief Digital Officer at Harvard University, told Huffington Post.

However, some metrics used during the days of traditional advertising campaigns still apply here. Testing the website, for example, is a great way to see how may web impressions led to actions. RedEye found that 71 percent of companies are testing their websites, paying close attention to a slew of details.

Post contributor Vala Afshar provided a list of aspects to measure, ranging from social media trends to click-through-rates. While these numbers may not always translate into sales, these other assessments are more likely to explain the success of your internet marketing service.


Seeing how customers came across the website can determine what mediums of communication a business can improve on. If they are getting many brief clicks from a mobile device, marketers can develop a way to hold on to readers' attention longer. On the other hand, organic searches, which means the individual voluntarily stumbled across your domain, can determine how many regular visits are happening during a specific time period.

Afshar explained that "know[ing] what programs are the most effective [can provide] real-time measurements" in terms of lead-customer conversion and marketing-qualified leads.


Advertisements that are embedded with specific keyword tags are more favorable for search engine optimization as well as increasing the overall conversion rate. Banners that are able to entice users to visit a website and take an action like a purchase or a subscription to the newsletter can serve as a great indicator of interest. If customers are spending a significant amount of time browsing through product descriptions and other web pages, that is a good sign.

These metrics require number crunching and data to create the most thorough analysis. Business owners who do not have extensive experience with marketing campaigns may not know what some figures and metrics mean, and that's okay. Key Media Solutions can help explain an organization's reach and determine strategies to expand that range.