The Value of an Integrated Marketing Strategy

I know what you are thinking – my digital media firm will tell me my entire budget should be spent on digital tactics, and maybe that is true some of the time -but not today!

Today, let’s talk about the value of an integrated marketing plan. By integrated, I am referring to all aspects working together to achieve your business objectives. This includes digital assets such as your website, social channels, online videos, and paid search.  An integrated marketing strategy also includes trade shows, marketing materials, emails, call scripts, public relations, television….. you get the idea. An integrated campaign gives your business the potential to get better results and reduce marketing costs.

Let’s face it; most companies still have different departments or contractors that handle various aspects of the marketing plan. One department oversees social media, another that plans trade shows and another works on public relations. If that sounds like you – you are in good company. However, by bringing them together to work on one common goal with a unified message, you deliver a cohesive, thoughtful narrative to your prospective clients. Each element plays a unique role that feeds into the next step along the journey.

The most effective campaigns employ as many forms of media as possible. Each form of media can help the other.  For example, if you’re advertising your current promotion on a billboard or traditional TV ad, the messaging should include how to reach your website.  More importantly, each step now becomes measurable! Yes, even your offline elements can deliver a measurable result. Additionally, by analyzing each component of the buyer’s journey, you learn exactly what pieces are working well and what parts need a little refinement.

The different channels reinforce the message and strengthen the outcome by increasing the chances of consumers taking action. The unified marketing approach delivers numerous benefits by increasing brand loyalty, cultivating consumer relationships, and boosting profits by increasing sales. The most effective campaigns can be successful with very little money spent externally if the message is good enough and interesting enough to generate word-of-mouth buzz.

With the use of technology, you have the power to integrate all channels online and offline, find smarter ways to reach consumers, and know that every dollar spent provides a measurable return.

In conclusion, your digital marketing tactics should feed into your traditional marketing tactics and vice-versa.  Each component should work together to reach as many of your target audience as possible.  If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our digital marketing experts at KeyMedia Solutions today!