This blog has reported on the rising level of exposure companies can gain from investing in digital videos for their small business internet marketing campaigns. With more consumers watching media online than ever before, many companies can increase their audience and, potentially, their customer base just by putting out one, well-made viral video. But, in order to create these marketing tools there are a few steps companies must take.

"Most marketers have a tendency to focus on the product, but it's more interesting to talk about what problem your product can solve," Tim Washer, senior manager of social media at Cisco, told Entrepreneur.

By focusing on the problem the product can solve, rather than the product itself, businesses will be able to create a story for their digital videos, which can be much more engaging for consumers and viewers than just a product tutorial.

Furthermore, it's important to keep the video tight, punchy and to the point. When films first started gaining massive cultural attention, filmmakers were initially afraid to make a movie longer than 20 minutes, believing that no viewer would sit and watch for longer than that. Now, most major blockbusters extend for longer than two hours.

The opposite, though, holds true for viral videos. This medium requires the movie to be, ideally, less than a minute. But, that's not always the case as time can vary based on the story's complexity. The important thing to remember is that individuals go to the internet for quick fixes. Therefore, they should be informed of a company's product through a compelling story that's told efficiently and quickly but with enough style to differentiate it from all the other videos on the internet.

While digital videos are an excellent to gain the attention of millions of new consumers, this can fall flat fairly easily if the video is not made well. By partnering with experienced digital advertising agencies, companies can effectively implement digital media into their targeted internet marketing campaign that will yield the return they're looking for.