Automotive Dealerships, You Need to be Online. Your Buyers Are!

NBC News covered a study conducted by McKinsey & Co. showing new car and truck buyer habits are changing. Buyers are no longer visiting multiple automotive dealerships; today’s auto buyers are conducting extensive research online before ever stepping foot onto your lot. In fact, the average buyer visits less than two lots before making a purchase, down from five lots visited just ten years ago. While they only may visit two lots, shoppers have 24 research digital touch points on average when car shopping.  Nearly all car shoppers, 95% to be exact, use digital channels to conduct research. This makes it more imperative that your message is in front of new car buyers where they are looking.

But just because you get them onto your lot does not mean their online experience is through. In a study released by in January 2014, our suspicions on automotive show rooming were confirmed. The report explains that automotive shoppers are using the internet while on dealer lots – to the extent that 63% of dealership visitors have shopped their competitors while looking at a vehicle in the lot. Although most are looking for competitive pricing, they are also reading reviews, finding trade in pricing, and checking inventory at near-by dealerships.

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We Back Up Our Claims With Results

Anyone can claim to be an expert – but we back it up with 20+ years of experience and results from dealers just like you. We know the industry and we know your buyers.

Automotive Dealer Group Case Study:

Working with a dealer group across a six-state region, KeyMedia Solutions was tasked with increasing their website visits by 20% over three months. To reach that goal, we developed a strategy that included Channel Targeting, Video Pre-Roll, Mobile Display, and Digital Radio.

At the end of the three-month test campaign, we were happy to learn that we had accomplished the growth goal established. The average CTR for the campaign was 0.52%; compared to national average click-through-rates of 0.07-0.09%, this campaign far exceeded expectations.

Local Dealership Case Study:

Facing greater local competition, KMS was hired by an automotive dealership to assist in creating greater local awareness. The goals included increased website traffic and increased foot traffic on the lot. Using a combination of Remarketing, Video Pre-Roll, and Mobile Targeting, the dealer has relayed he is happy with the results. In 2013, this campaign averaged a 0.17% CTR; more than double the national average.

Geofencing Case Study

KeyMedia Solutions began working with an automotive dealership in mid-2016. Their goal was to increase their online leads for potential buyers – specifically from their competitor’s lots. One of the primary tactics used to reach this goal was Geofencing to target potential customers browsing at competitor locations. In total, 6 competitor locations in the area were Geofenced for the campaign.

On average, the campaign delivered a 0.79% CTR, staying above the national average of 0.50% for this type of campaign. A typical display campaign without Geofence targeting would show a CTR of 0.07%-0.09%. When the ads contained an offer, like $2,000 off MSRP,  the CTR more than doubled, with an average CTR of 1.28% compared to general branding ads.

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