Internet marketing can be a tricky field as it is, inherently, constantly evolving. Regardless of whether its banner advertising on Google and Facebook or social media campaigns on Twitter and Pinterest, the internet and the way consumers and businesses use it is always changing, so marketing techniques will need to follow.

But, one avenue that has remained consistent has been that of digital video advertisements, which, according to a new report from digital research firm ComScore, reached new levels in May 2012.

According to the study, Americans watched a total 10.76 billion online video advertisements during the month of May, which is an all-time high for one-month video consumption. The leading provider of online video ads was Hulu, which provided more than 1.6 billion ads, with the Google/YouTube behemoth coming in at second with 1.3 billion ads served.

The average viewer watched 21.9 hours of online video content in one month. Google sites brought in 7.7 hours, on average, and Hulu held 4.2 hours of consumer attention.

While more advertisements were viewed than ever before, the overall number of Americans who watched online videos actually slipped from April to May, coinciding with the total number of online videos consumed. This means that, despite a slightly falling number of consumers, major advertisers and companies are putting heavy emphasis on the use of online video advertisements.

According to Mashable, video advertisements served month-over-month increased by 6 percent. Furthermore, there was also a 7 percent increase in the frequency of online video advertisements that were served per video.

Companies wishing to capitalize on the popularity of online video advertisements may want to partner with internet advertising agencies that can help create a targeted internet marketing campaign.