This blog has previously discussed how targeted internet marketing can help a company establish its brand and reach its desired customer base.

Heineken recently launched its fifth commercial in an online web series called "Dropped." Over the last three months, the beer company has been following the experiences of two travelers who were dropped into various situations – handcuffed together – and then had to figure out a solution to their problems. 

According to a Heineken press release, the purpose was to answer the question, "Are legends born or are they made?" By showing customers how real people can solve problems, Heineken hopes viewers will want to have their own unique experiences and test their resourcefulness.

A contribution piece on the blog Creative Review said that the most recent ad was the most entertaining of them all. 

"While the scenery here is stunning, and the films feature plenty of good props (including a particularly charming 'help' sign), the key to success with these kinds of campaigns lies in the casting," the article said. "Here Irishman Murray and Jakub from Poland prove particularly entertaining company, both for each other and the audience."

A recent AdWeek article said that unscripted series are not only cheaper to produce, but they can cast a company's target audience into shows. From there, fans not only get their 15 minutes of fame, but businesses get the social benefit of having relatable characters. 

Wieden executive creative director Mark Bernath explained to the news source that having real people acting in commercials will help other customers better relate to a product.

By working with Key Media Solutions, small- to medium-sized businesses can develop a targeted internet marketing campaign that draws in customers and keeps the product or service relatable. Whether it's a commercial or mobile banner ad, organizations of all sizes can create an approach that makes their brand memorable.