Influencer Marketing may be one of the oldest and most effective forms of advertising. Step 1 – find someone who has a large following. Step 2 – ask that person to endorse your product or service. Simple, right? Maybe not quite that simple, in fact, the reality of Influencer Marketing is that it’s surrounded by a lot of confusion.

In a recent episode of KMS 10at10, our weekly Facebook Live show, Sarah Kurtenbach joined us to talk about the benefits of Influencer Marketing. In that episode, Sarah highlighted ways businesses can decided if using an influencer is a good fit for their marketing strategy. She also discussed ways businesses can get started working with influencers.

If you didn’t catch the episode live on Facebook, you can watch it further down in this article.

Influencer Marketing Extended Interview

As a bonus, Sarah stayed around after the broadcast to film an extended interview. In this interview, she dives even deeper into the benefits of Influencer Marketing. She answers questions like – How to get in touch with influencers, How to work with influencers, and more. Watch the full episode below!

About Sarah Kurtenbach

Sarah Kurtenbach is the founder of The KB Group. She is a social media and digital expert who has worked for a top Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer for over five years. Starting as the second employee, she helped grow the company to be a multi-million dollar business, brought the company through an acquisition, worked post-acquisition within a large Fortune 500 media company, and was promoted to be the youngest VP in the company to lead sales and revenue.

She has strategized, built content, put together process plans, ran digital media, analyzed data and brought success to hundreds of advertisers including: AT&T, CVS, Capital One, Bayer, HGTV, and many others.

If you have questions for Sarah, send her an email at

Watch Sarah’s KMS 10at10 Episode

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