As reported by this blog, Pinterest is a rapidly growing social media site where users can “pin” pictures on digital “boards.” Companies can use these as a way to organize products and deals that can link to their e-commerce site. This can also be used to just actively engage users in a community that can establish brand loyalty. But, a recent survey by The Creative Group, a staffing agency, says
that many advertising companies are still weary of Pinterest.

“With so many potential social media opportunities for businesses, marketers must carefully invest their time and resources in those that best match their demographics and brand personality,” said Donna Farrugia, executive director of The Creative Group. “Pinterest has attracted a huge following quickly, but companies may be waiting to see if its popularity will last and what the potential business uses are in order to determine if a presence there makes sense.”

According to the survey, 44 percent of businesses say that they have no intention of using Pinterest for business purposes. While 17 percent say the site has piqued their interest but they’re still hesitant using it for business purposes, another 10 percent say they plan to incorporate it into their digital marketing scheme.

In addition to the overall perspectives, studies showed that many advertising executives at larger agencies were more active on Pinterest than their smaller competitors.

As this blog has reported, the effectiveness of Pinterest in a targeted internet marketing campaign is, oftentimes, determined based on the company and the product. A business that sells spare auto parts may not be the best company to market itself on a website that’s based on creating aesthetically pleasing pages.

That being said, companies that do plan on using Pinterest may want to partner with a digital advertising agency that can help them carefully craft their presence on the site and ensure that that its impact is a reflection of the marketing campaign’s intention.