In the past, taglines were often the norm in terms of advertising, offering consumers a simple yet memorable image of a company. Yet with technology continuing to evolve, that has changed.

Real time advertising is a more important tool for businesses, especially with more consumers using mobile devices on a daily basis. A recent AdWeek article explained that the need for mobile advertising has lessened the amount of space that marketing campaigns have. Taglines could take up space on a device's screen that is needed to explain product or services to customers.

Flexible branding is essential, AdWeek said, and a targeted branding strategy that reaches various types of consumers will help companies keep pace with their competition.

According to the news source, companies need to change the way that they view taglines.

"Carefully consider whether or not one is really needed," the article explained. "If your brand's differentiation is well-established, perhaps you don't. Think about the primary media and touch points in which it will be used. Do they lend themselves to the consistent use of a short phrase? If you're not going to use it regularly, don't bother having one."

An effective tagline helps customers remember a brand, which is why the concept might not need to be completely eliminated. Combining a tagline with a targeted online advertising campaign will be greatly successful. That way, consumers will feel as if an ad was created with their needs in mind, and it will be on a medium that they use on a regular basis.

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