Small business internet marketing is all about standing out in a crowd. Whether that crowd consists of Facebook users, Google searchers, New York Times readers or anything else, using banner advertisements on major websites such as the ones listed is a tried and true way for small businesses to reach their targeted market. But, in order for a banner advertisement to be effective, a few standards must first be met.

According to iMedia Connection, companies should make their display ads as creative as possible. By posting advertisements that are unique and innovative, companies can accomplish their goal of getting members of their target audience to click on these ads. This can be done by using aesthetically pleasing layouts and avoiding unreadable fonts and colors.

In addition, these advertisements should highlight the business or product. They should be clear and to the point, inspiring viewers to click on the banner the moment they see it. This can be done by making sure the focus is on what a business's products can offer, rather than degrading the competition.

Furthermore, proper placement is critical. By investing in space in high traffic sites such as Google and Facebook, businesses can ensure that their ads are seen. Also, by placing these ads on sites that members of their target audience are projected to visit, the campaign will be much more effective. For example, a company that snow plows wouldn't place banner advertisements on the website of a local Alabama newspaper – that would be the wrong product for the wrong market.

By partnering with experienced digital advertising agencies, companies can ensure that the banner advertisements in their targeted internet marketing campaigns are eye-catching and effective.