While this holiday shopping season is a great way for companies to gain more revenue going into the New Year, it's not often that businesses are able to retain these customers as consistent sources of income throughout the rest of the year. While one way to remain on the minds of consumers yearlong is to roll out an effective, targeted internet marketing campaign, Entrepreneur recommends a few other ways for businesses to retain customers. These tactics may work best in conjunction with an excellent small business internet marketing campaign.

According to the source, one way for retailers to retain their holiday shoppers year round is to keep in touch throughout the year. While this may be relatively hard for businesses, creating an email marketing list or checking in with individuals via social media can be an excellent way to maintain contact with customers.

But, one of the best things companies can do is provide an experience that exceeds their expectations. In order to do this, a company must first know exactly what expectations customers may have of them. This can be done through conducting surveys, as well as maintaining a well controlled small business internet marketing campaign, which can give companies the leverage they may need to help exceed customers expectations. By doing this, customers will be so impressed, the business will most likely stay in their memory for sometime.

While these tactics are excellent ways to help companies maintain a more consistent customer base, doing this in supplement to a small business internet marketing campaign that runs year-round is one of the strongest ways to ensure that a company not only attracts new clients, but also retains the ones they already impressed.