While a recent survey by Snagajob, a Richmond, Virginia-based temp agency, shows that this year’s holiday season is the best job market in the past five years, employers may not be able to make up for the extra help if they don’t market themselves properly.

According to iMedia Connection, a marketing blog, in order for companies to get the most out of their holiday market, they will actually need to turn off the recommendation service on their e-commerce site if they have one. Although this is usually used for more effective targeted internet marketing, during the holidays an individual’s normal buying behavior can be disrupted due to the need to purchase an item for someone else or they may be saving up for a particular product. Keeping this on can hinder the efficiency of consumer shopping.

Instead, recommendations can be done by using real-time signals, according to the source. By using data that can be gleaned from the site’s search bar, companies can tailor their website to fit what the customer is looking for. These recommendations are usually enhanced when the company provides four different options, similar to what the viewer may have recently looked at. In addition, businesses should ensure that their sites are functioning properly, as traffic will surely spike during the holiday season.

But, while all of these last-minute adjustments can be critical to a company’s performance during the upcoming seasons, it may be for nought if consumers are unable to get to the website. By implementing an effective small business internet marketing campaign, companies can feel more secure knowing that their website is represented well on the internet.