Online advertising may be on its way to becoming a more common way to find information on brands and sales, but there is more to the internet than that. Because of the World Wide Web, businesses can use this medium to increase brand awareness on their goods and services. If banners and videos are placed on the appropriate websites, these marketing tools have high potential. 

Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, the internet has no exclusive business hours, which means internet marketing solutions can be viewed during morning or evening hours. While this accessibility can be beneficial, companies may want to consider updating their website to have a plethora of information. Whether that be within the frequently asked questions or product descriptions, doing this in advance can make a strong impression on a prospective customer.

Shankman Honig, a consultant who specializes in customer service, told Business 2 Community that a majority of businesses believe they provide "superior" service, but only 8 percent of respondents had such an experience over the phone, in stores or online.

Attractive online banner advertising is more likely to grab the attention of customers, which increases the likelihood that they will visit the website. From there, it's up to the business's website to provide the necessary information and service the customer desires in order to convert the sale. 

The price of gaining a client's trust is about five times more than nurturing the relationship with the regulars. Want to keep the attention of both these parties at the same time? Consider making the most of your online advertising campaigns in concert with optimizing your website to be a resource. Not doing so may cause previous customers to fall into the "recency trap."

Although the recency trap is more like a curve, Harvard Business Review contributor Scott Neslin found that many companies that heavily focus on clients who visited in the last five months to a year are putting themselves at a large disadvantage. 

"Because a customer who hasn't bought in six months, say, is an unlikely prospect, you don't target her; receiving no communication from you, she continues to stay away," Nelsin writes. "As this process continues, eventually the customer's chance of buying falls virtually to zero."

Having a balanced online campaign that tailors to both purchasing groups can increase revenue for an organization. Business owners have an opportunity here to potentially increase an individual's sale from zero to $150.

Companies that utilize the internet can continue to maximize their efforts with an online marketing campaign. When you meet today's consumer halfway, they are more likely to repay you with their patronage. Partner with Key Media Solutions to develop such a strategy today.