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Developing Your 2015 Media Strategy

10/27/2014 - Last week, we talked about the importance of diversifying your media plan. Instead of defining your strategy with a “traditional media” and “digital media” plan, you need to start thinking of your strategy as a goal driven plan that supports your corporate goal(s). Every media dollar spent should support and assist the big picture plan […]

Traditional Media is Dead… Maybe

10/20/2014 - This past week I overheard a conversation regarding HBO’s latest announcement and how it would “kill” cable television. My first thought was that we are living in a Chicken Little world. Will this change impact cable television? Probably. But not anymore than Netflix or Hulu. After all, according to Yahoo Tech, only about 14% of […]

Utilize Programmatic Marketing to Increase Consumer Value

10/13/2014 - What is Real Time Buying (RTB) or Programmatic Marketing? Simply defined, this is the process of buying media in an automated fashion through digital platforms (DSP’s). Or in a more visual description, the “stock market” or “eBay” of buying and selling media in real time; one ad impression at a time. This type of marketing […]

When to Post on Your Business’s Social Networks

10/6/2014 - Have you ever wondered why people engage in some of your businesses post and not others? Or how people are finding you or your business via social media in the vast streams of information we have at our fingertips? Managing your business’s social media accounts can almost be like having another full time job. Figuring […]