Programmatic Marketing

What is Real Time Buying (RTB) or Programmatic Marketing? Simply defined, this is the process of buying media in an automated fashion through digital platforms (DSP’s). Or in a more visual description, the “stock market” or “eBay” of buying and selling media in real time; one ad impression at a time. This type of marketing allows every online ad impression to be evaluated, bought, or sold individually and instantaneously. The RTB market has millions of publishers across the World Wide Web that provides over two million impressions per second equaling over four trillion impressions per month in 145 countries.

Programmatic Marketing can maximize the reach and increase the targeting possibilities of a marketing campaign. In my previous blog post, I discussed the “value” for consumers in the way a website should be put together, and this is the next piece of that “value” for your consumers.

Utilizing Programmatic Marketing, your consumers will be served the right ad at the right time within the appropriate content all relating to your product or service. Isn’t that what it is all about? Staying in front of your customer and ensuring they have the best possible online experience.

The holiday season is fast approaching; have you increased your inventory and staff to accommodate the season? Now is the perfect time to also take a hard look at how you are communicating with your customers and if you are open to adding programmatic marketing to the mix.