When it comes to buying and selling products, there can be a certain psychological game involved. Oftentimes, the best way for companies to sell themselves and, subsequently, their products is by preemptively answering the questions that consumers ask themselves every time they consider buying something, according to Inc. Magazine.

According to the source, customers first ask themselves "Do I want to do business with this person?" when thinking about purchasing a product. It's important to many consumers that they appreciate the companies they're doing business with. Therefore, it's critical that businesses are able to market themselves as an association that consumers will not only want to interact with, but can trust enough to patronize.

After that, consumers will often wonder "Do I need these products and services?" While answering this question is, oftentimes, a task best left to the sales department, it is also something that can be answered well before the customer comes in contact with an employee.

By having a targeted internet marketing campaign, businesses can ensure that they're grabbing the attention of the interested before they make the purchase. Getting as many clicks on a banner advertisement or likes on a Facebook update may help generate traffic, but unless that traffic converts into profitable leads it won't do anything for business.

This is where it can benefit companies to partner with an internet advertising agency to create targeted online marketing campaigns; one that will provide a strong return on investment as well as decrease the amount of time businesses spend looking for  the right customers.