Ever since the rise in popularity of the smart phone, companies have jumped at the opportunity to create apps that make it easy for consumers to take advantage of their products and services. One of the most recent businesses to do that is ebookers, an online travel enterprise based in the United Kingdom. 

The mobile software is designed specifically for Android owners and can be used to make hotel reservations. Its creation was prompted by a 102 percent rise in the number of visitors to its website and a 110 percent increase in bookings via mobile devices.

''The launch of the ebookers' Hotel app for Android users is just one of the many ways we are dedicated to offering an easier booking experience for all our customers,'' said product strategy and mobile director for the company Rob Define. ''We've learned a lot about the booking behavior on mobile devices and this is shaping the way we think about the future of how travel is booked.''

Interestingly enough, ebookers said that most of the individuals who have used their website tend to be people looking to take a last minute trip. According to various sources, just over 60 percent of the hotel reservations made online take place within two days or less of the person's actual stay. And, in an effort to make the app appeal to those of different nationalities, the software is available in six different languages – French, English, Finnish, Dutch, German and Norwegian.

If you are in the travel or hospitality industry and are considering revamping your business, you may want to consider working with a local online marketing firm that specializes in mobile app creation and banner advertising. These can be great ways to draw people to your company and make it convenient for consumers to make reservations using their cell phone or tablet.