Who will be the victor on Sunday's big game? The Broncos? Seahawks? The television advertisers? According to a new Harris Interactive survey, your mobile device may be getting the most action. According to the poll, 74 percent of American adults plan to watch the Super Bowl. More than half of them plan to have their smartphones in hand while their tuning in. 

So what are these tech-savvy individuals going to do with their smartphones? The most common planned uses include:

  • Call family and friends
  • Check non football related news 
  • Do work-related tasks
  • Look up information about products advertised on television
  • Read about the game
  • Research stats and player information 
  • Review fantasy football standings 
  • Post updates to social media 
  • Texting, email or chatting with friends 
  • Watch the game live
  • Watch replays.

According the report the heavy use of mobile devices may present an opportunity for mobile marketers. 

"For marketers running ads during the game, then, having mobile ties built into those expensive commercial slots is transitioning from a nice to have to a must have, as a strong majority of likely viewers will be able to take advantage of a smartphone call to action," the report states. 

Almost since the inception of the Super Bowl, the focal point of the broadcast is the television advertising. Although mobile and digital advertising is still a small fraction of the marketing sphere, the Super Bowl presents a great opportunity for lesser-known brands to reach new audiences.

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