Smartphones have been around for a relatively short amount of time, but mobile advertising has quickly  taken a larger share of the market. Early in the existence of mobile, advertisers took their cues from what was being done on the web, where traditional banner advertising is king. As mobile and web grow farther apart, it's necessary to create ads that work better on mobile devices. 

What's wrong with web banner ads? Nothing on a desktop browser, but on a mobile device, they may not entirely fit into the screen or may be difficult to interact with. A recent study from Dartmouth College found that many mobile web users don't click on ads because the screens of their devices are too small. 

Another factor that mobile marketers need to consider, according to tech entrepreneur John Kuolt, is the timing of when their ads appear

"In a day where attention spans have dwindled and our time is precious, it means the timing of ads are vital to their success," Kuolt wrote in an article for Venture Beat. "Too intrusive and obstructive – forget about it – if an advertiser approaches the user in a timely, relevant and respectful way, they'll be sure to get their attention."

Kuolt added that it is ideal to allow an ad to appear while a user is closing an app or navigating to a different website. At that moment, the viewer is more likely to be open to your message and less likely to be annoyed. 

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