Like all matters of business, the adage, "you get what you pay for" rings true for digital advertising. In fact, a recent article by Gourmet Ads compares the price ranges and subsequent "perks" of airline travel with the digital advertising campaigns and the subsequent "perks" that come with it.

Like airline traveling, spending more will oftentimes get companies a larger return on investment. First-class seats are more expensive than coach for a reason, as they offer more benefits to flying.

According to Gourmet Ads, there are ads that are guaranteed to capture a viewer's attention and then there are ones that simply get the name out. Some digital advertising displays that are the most successful are those of background skins as well as billboards or pushdowns, which tend to be the most expensive as well. Pre-roll digital video advertising is also a very effective technique for businesses.

"In the First Class cabin there is more legroom in the form of stronger branding, greater intrusiveness and, as a result, more eyeballs," explains Benjamin Christie, the managing director of Gourmet Ads. "Coach travelers in the web advertising arena will still arrive at their intended destination – an online presence and resulting impressions commensurate with that web page – but they may find themselves envying those who splurged for business class or the perks of First Class."

Companies that are looking to jump from coach to First Class as far as their small business internet marketing goes may want to contact internet advertising agencies that can help provide this transition from a functional advertising campaign to an optimal one that will attract more clients from the right demographics.