While most businesses may use the internet to promote their products or services, some may not be going about it properly. If businesses want to create the most effective small business internet marketing campaign, there are a few basics they must first be able to express in their online persona.

According to Entrepreneur, companies need to be able to accurately express who they are as quickly as possible, while still maintaining a sense of comprehensiveness. The challenge of brevity has stemmed from the popularity of social media, but also favors those companies that are able to boil down their company's mission statement and brand image to a few powerful words. 

Being able to express the differentiators from your company against another is incredibly important. According to the source, the best option may be just simply stating the facts and leaving the buzzwords out. For example, AppliedTrust is an IT consultant whose slogan is, "We solve hard IT problems so you can make the world awesome."

Not only is the company stating what it is they do, but it is also adding an encouraging aspect to its statement, using their personality as a means to show a difference between it and other IT consultants. The entire statement is done without the use of buzzwords, keywords or confusing technical jargon.

By briefly and effectively expressing your company's persona and differentiators in whatever you do – whether it be a Twitter profile, Facebook page, Google+ Local page or general website – you can ensure that viewers will be engaged and invested in your targeted internet marketing campaign.