Twenty years ago, businesses would not have had the slightest idea what mobile advertisements were, or how they could benefit their daily operations. Even email marketing was not as intricate as it is today. But are all of these techniques really "new" or are they just varied takes on standard forms of advertising and marketing?

For example, a Kickstarter campaign is trying to take neckties to a new level. Ryan Budke is looking to raise $40,000 for his company QR Ties, which places QR codes on the back of ties. Individuals can put whatever information they want, giving people an opportunity to learn that information by scanning the code into their mobile device, similar to what happens when a bar code is scanned. 

"Today, ties are served to us at the department store checkout counter like a platter of limp hors d'oeuvres – an afterthought – uninspiring and normal," the campaign read. "In today's techno-media-driven world, we like to make a statement. Whether through our fashion choices or social networks, we control our personal brand and what it says about us."

The same way that Budke is suggesting re-establishing neckties, your company can re-establish its online marketing solutions. Creating a brand that grabs customers' attention, without making it difficult to understand what is being sold, is not as simple as it used to be. There are numerous outlets for businesses to take advantage of – video advertising, mobile banners or even email marketing – and it is essential that these approaches are done properly.

With Key Media Solutions, organizations can develop a marketing strategy that suits their needs. Whether it involves something completely revolutionary , or is a simple twist on a tried-and-true method, the right marketing solution can be found.