What started out as a test when Facebook announced that it was rolling out livestream capabilities for the general public, KMS 10at10 turned into a weekly staple in our office. Part of what we do at KeyMedia Solutions is research new online technologies. When platforms like Periscope & Meerkat began offering livestreaming options to users, we began researching how this feature might impact the online marketing industry.

It was shortly after this when Facebook made livestreaming available for certified accounts. By this time, broadcasting a live video was already changing the way people viewed and interacted with videos. In early 2016, Facebook made the announcement that broadcasting live would become available to everyone. We took this as an opportunity to test Facebook’s newest feature.

After a few “test” broadcasts, we decided to make our live videos more formal and informational. We decided to create a weekly show that would start at 10:00 AM each week and encourage people to ask questions and participate in conversations. We would eventually give our show a name – KMS 10at10.

Today, we have over 75 live videos on our account and continue to deliver valuable information to our audience. In this article, we’ve chosen our top five favorite episodes in KMS 10at10 history.

Number 5

Published May 13, 2016

Coming in at number five is our very first episode. This episode features a nervous Ashley Eining and Luke Majerus as they make their first appearance in front of the camera.

Number 4

Published October 28th, 2016

Number four on our list of favorites goes to our 2016 Halloween episode. Ashley and Luke decided to have some fun at the beginning of this episode. See if you can find them.

Number 3

Published November 18, 2016

The number three spot goes to the blizzard episode with Jess Peterson and Sam Thorson. Making true the statement, “The show must go on,” Sam and Jess made it into the office on a snowy Friday morning to broadcast this show. There may or may not have been a pizza party that same day.

Number 2

Published December 30, 2016

Our runner-up goes to our group discussion episode. In this episode Luke, Ashley, Sam, and Tobaria dedicated the entire episode to a talk about livestreaming. In it they discuss our live video setup, how we come up with our weekly topics, and more.

Number 1

Published October 28th, 2017

We’ve arrived! Our favorite episode of KMS 10at10 is the 2017 Halloween show. In this episode, Ashley finds out something might be wrong with Luke. Try not to get too scared during this episode.

Stay Tuned for More

Part of testing new technology means putting yourself out there. Sometimes that means stepping in front of the camera. KMS 10at10 started out as a fun way to interact with our audience on Social Media. Today, this show continues to give us opportunities to test and talk about new technology in the online industry. If you’d like to catch our next KMS 10at10 episode, make sure to check out our Facebook page every Friday at 10:00 AM. See you then!

If you’re interested in browsing our full list of episodes, visit our Facebook or YouTube pages for even more videos.