Due to the accessibility of the internet on multiple devices, whether that be a tablet, cell phone or television, it has paved the way to deliver a well-rounded internet marketing service. Instead of isolating a large portion of the budget on broadcast services, businesses are beginning to realize there is value in posting video ads on phones, social media networks and the television screen.

Known as "multi-screen services," researchers from Ovum and AVID found that opening these avenues will grab a larger audience, while engaging consumers with "inspiring content." If the video package is not engaging or funny, marketers are losing out on 65 percent of the viewing population.

"Delivering shows via online, social, and mobile platforms not only allows consumers to personalize their viewing experience, but also lets broadcasters move audiences to the platform that maximizes the value of media assets," the report stated.

The benefit of watching television shows and films online allows the flexibility to pause and engage with fellow viewers on social media and online forums. Marketers have the opportunity to grab the attention of viewers on these specific web domains with a targeted online advertising approach—about 63 percent of viewers are switching screens during programming to stay up-to-date on other shows that are happening at the same time.

Despite services like Hulu Plus, Netflix and on-demand capabilities, there is still room to make great impressions and create additional web traffic toward specific websites. Similar to traditional broadcast advertisements, they still need to send a message that calls for an action.

Companies that partner with Key Media Solutions will have the tools to launch a high-quality video advertisement that will capture the attention of online users.